Like farmers who sell their produce directly to customers, and fishermen who bring their freshly caught fish to neighborhood markets, is it not also possible for a factory to sell its locally produced fashion directly to local consumers? Rather than just dreaming of a place where the barriers between producers and retailers disappear, where fashion creators and fashion consumers can interact and have conversations, where buyers and producers and sellers can enjoy the experience of connecting with one other, we want to make this a reality. To those living in metropolitan areas, Yamanobe town, and even Yamagata prefecture and the Tohoku region as a whole, may feel quite remote, but this is a place where many unique creations are nurtured and born, and we want to show how our fashion can be woven into the daily lives of local residents. After 70 years of manufacturing in Yamanobe, Yonetomi Seni is opening a new concept store inside its own factory which embodies the “fashion is life” philosophy of our founder. Come and visit the Yonetomi Store, where you can encounter a variety of products and brands, meet and interact with other people, and witness how new possibilities are brought to life.